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  our mistnets   practical info about our mist nets
  ultra thin mistnets   mist nets for bats and small birds
  polyester mistnets   perfect nets for humid environment; bats and birds
  nylon mistnets 700 series D70 nets - hard visible, soft, open habitats
    1000 series D110 nets - strong and durable, still thin and effective
    2000 series D200 nets - very strong nets for catching big birds
  equipment bird rings plastic & aluminum rings - plane and engraved
    measure calipers, wing rulers, Pesola spring balances
    various net poles and more...
  partners   where to look for our mistnets
  espanol   detalles técnicos de nuestras redes de niebla
  contact   e-mail, phone, fax, skype
  news   fresh info about nets and Ecotone
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